Palletizing robot cell

We now offer a complete robot cell for a package price.

This package includes as follows: Kartong robot
Robot (Used serviced ABB IRB6400 / 2.5 120kg S4C controller).
Vacuum tools (robot).
Machine protection fence with light curtain for outfeed of pallets.
Light beam.
Documentation, user manual and backup software included.
CE marking on site with the customer.

(For offer please contact us)

How it works:
1. An empty EUR pallet for the robot to pile on are placed inside the robot cell.
2. In the robot cell material is fed forward through a conveyor belt.
3. The robot retrieves the advancing material. Kompakt kartongstaplare
4. The robot stacks it on the empty EUR pallets placed inside the robot cell, the robot do this  using the supplied vacuum gripper.
5. Once the robot has filled the EUR-pallet to the preset height, the robot stops and goes back to home position.
6. The filled pallet is collected by a truck manually through a light barrier or gate.
7. A new empty EUR pallet are placed in the robot cell and the robot continues to pile.


With the help of the user menu available in the robot’s control panel, that is positioned for easy and secure access outside the robot cell, you can access the robot’s features and settings, such as:

Pattern laying of materials such as cartons, cans, boxes, buckets and boards etc.
Selecting the maximum height the robot can stack, before the pallet is to be replaced.Kartongstaplare- Autopall
Where the home position is.
The robot´s service mode.

In order to use the robot cell you need the following available:
* Power supply 3x400VAC 16A.
* Compressed air 6-8 bar.